58" Tan Permaport

Browns Bridge Dock Company is proud to represent the Permaport. As with all things at Browns Bridge Dock Company the permaport is of the highest quality and user friendly.




  • All Permaports are foam filled for positive buoyancy. (insures if it gets a hole then it will not sink)
  • Permaports come in two sizes 62″ wide and 58″ wide so you can fit two side by side on a 10′ slip
  • Permaports can be mounted in many different ways. (front mount, side mount, and fixed docks)
  • Permaports come in two color options Grey and Tan
  • Permaports come with a bow stop as well as a cleat to tie off to
  • There are six rollers in the middle of the port this insures it will fit all jet skis
  • New in 2012 the Permaport comes equipped with two fully adjustable side rollers. This makes the port adjust to all jet ski makes and models for a perfect fit.